Goodbye, Winter; Hello, Spring

During the winter months, I usually walk around Crows Woods and the garden area. But the earth seems so still without my garden friends. Now the dawn chorus has started like a symphony orchestra with the sound of music all around Crows Woods.

The promise of new life is everywhere. We started working on our garden in early March when the frost was out of the soil, and by March 15th we had sowed seed for our cold-weather crops. Everything is looking good; the spinach, lettuce and radishes taste so good.

Ours is a three-generation garden. My daughter, Patti, helps me a lot. Without her help I couldn't keep up with the weeding and watering. Her son, Logan, showed great interest last year in his pumpkin patch. Logan loves chasing butterflies and digging for worms. Welcome, new gardeners, and happy gardening.

By my garden gate
Maureen Gariano Plots # 37 & # 45