2010 Archives

Opening Day 2010

Annual growing season started on April 17. Fifty Crows Woods Gardeners launched the annual growing season, directed by President Kathi Stokes, Vice-president Jim O'Brien, and Membership chairman Cary Simon. Gardeners refurbished paths, hauled mulch, activated equipment, and installed the canopy over the picnic area. More than 80 gardeners have signed up to garden for the year, 15 of them, new members.

Giving Rest to an Overworked Plot

Shirley Raynor runs an experiment to see if letting a portion of her garden lie fallow will produce crops and healthier soil.

Organic Gardening in Crows Woods

Laura Anderson reviews the basics of organic gardening. She explains how to get started, how to sow seeds and how to attract friendly insects.

How to Have a Green Thumb Without
an Aching Back

Mary Previte reviews her all-time favorite gardening book: How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back by Ruth Stout.

President's 2010 Fall Letter

Kathi Stokes gives the Crows Woods Gardeners some end of season reminders and shares with us her experience with setting up her home greenhouse.

Bumper Crop 2010

Turnip Bumper Crop

Watering the Gardens at Crows Woods

Anthony and Nancy Calabretta give us some important tips and reminders on how to properly water our plots.

Growing Superstar Peppers

Jim Duncan shares his experience with growing superstar peppers.

For the Joy of Tomatoes

Robin Raab loves everything about tomatoes and teaches us a few things about heirloom and hybrid tomatoes.

Confessions of a Hay Snatcher

Mary Previte, an organic gardener at heart, knows a hay bargain when she sees one!

Growing Garlic

Of all the crops grown at Crows Woods, garlic is one of the most majestic and John Whitney is our resident garlic expert.

Wild Nature at Crows Woods

Anyone can walk the length of Crows Woods Gardens in about a minute. But to truly know them would be the work of a lifetime. In his walks, Arthur Leon has discovered that our gardens are alive with everything from monarch butterflies to red foxes and turtles.

How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back

Mary Prevete's all-time favorite gardening book is Ruth Stout’s “How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back.” Do yourself a favor. Run, don’t walk, to Amazon or to your nearest used book store to get yourself a copy. You’ll learn how to eliminate back-ache gardening.