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Opening Day 2009

Group photo of wet gardeners

Goodbye, Winter; Hello, Spring

The end of Winter signals the begriming of a new growing seasons at Crows Woods. Maureen Gariano shares her excitement and welcomes the Gardeners to Crows Woods.

Floating Row Covers - A Gardener's Best Friend

Anthony Calabretta loves row covers. Find out why as he explains how he uses them on his plot at Crows Woods.

Growing Seedlings at Home, 2009 - A Dilemma

Starting your vegetable plants from seedlings in your home is a rewarding experience. Don Neely tried out several different products and eventually settled on his own simple home made technique.

Paul Eckman's Experiment: 'Lasagna Gardening'

Paul Eckman is experimenting with a unique way to get his plot ready for the growing season by applying different layers of compost material to his garden.

Avalanche of Tomatoes

Jim Duncan has developed a tried and true way of growing large quantities of tomatoes. This is a good article because Jim points out several steps that are key in successfully growing tomatoes.

Enjoying Wild Nature in Your Garden

Crows Woods Gardens manager Arthur Leon says Crows Woods Gardeners share the tiny corner of the ball fields with everything from monarch butterflies to red foxes and turtles.

Presidents 2009 Fall Letter

Kathi Stokes gives the Crows Woods Gardeners some end of season reminders to close out the season.

Joining Together Toward a Herbicide-free Community Garden

David York provides us with an excellent article on the dangers of using herbicides in our homes and community garden. A "must-read" for the organic gardener.

You Can Get Weed Free Paths

Paul Schmeck has developed a process to not only keep the path in front of is plot weed free but to also reap the benefits of the composting that takes place underneath the layers of wood chips.

Lasagna Recipe Garden

Paul Eckman’s Lasagna Recipe Garden — Has it worked?

Jane Austen Ruined My Garden

Our gardens continue to grow (both for better or worse) even as we sometimes get distracted with other summer events. Mary Previte shares her experience from her Jane Austen summer distractions and the inevitable consequences on her garden.

Cleanup Day 2009

President Kathi Stokes and Row Captain Laura Anderson